Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Old news, I know. YLE announced already during (and maybe even before) Stockholm and especially after the semifinal disaster that UMK will be back in 2017 and used as the selection method for the Eurovision song contest 2017 despite all harsh critic by certain people. 
Anyways, reading the rules published today there seems to be no major changes. Again the song cannot be sent to any other country's selection, the artist can send only one song, but can be a member of a group for another while the authors can send as many songs as they want to, and even be under 16. At least one of the authors and one of the solist(s) must be a Finnish citizen or permanent residence. Once again music videos will be produced for every finalist, and YLE's chosen producer will help to produce the final version of the song, if they don't have their own production team and label behind them.
Oh, one thing might change: there's no mention of semifinals and votings. Will there be only the final?
All YLE keeps all the rights and stuff. As always. 
The song submission will take place from September 1 (noon Finnish time) to September 5 (noon Finnish time). All the rules and more information here

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