Monday, June 06, 2016


The Kiev Pride 2016 starts tomorrow under slogan Security of a person - development of the country! The program includes exhibitions, films, discussion forums, seminars and all the usual Pride things and topics. There's of course also the Opening party, Pride Party on Friday night and most visibly the Equality March on Sunday.
And this march has been threated by bloodbath by local Neo-Nazis and the narrow minded local Orthodoc Church isn't very amused either. Earlier this year a LBGT right conference in Lviv was shut down after an attack with rocks and fireworks. Police was called on the spot, yet no one was arrested and the conference was shut down instead. 
Let's see how this ends. The NTU and EBU meeting about the 2017 Eurovision song contest takes place in Geneva right after, JUne 13-14.....
UPDATE: The march went reasonable well. There were 700-1500 marchers (dependig on source) and some 5500 policemen to secure it. Apparently 57 people have been detained and later released for trying to stop the mearch or harm the marchers. Baby steps...  little by little....

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