Saturday, March 01, 2014


Andra chansen aka Second chance of Swedish Melodifestivalen is over. Now only the final is left and we will know the Swedish represant in Copenhagen 2014. First three acts were kicked out (Ammotrack 8th, Ellinore Holmer 7th, J.E,M 6th). Then the five remaining were divided into duels and 5th was out, State of Drama. First Outtrigger vs. Helena Paparizou and Helena won in the end. Then Linus Svenning vs Martin Stenmarck and Linus won. So, Helena and Linus join the other eight finalists next week. I'm ok with the results, especialy with Linus. I would have sent Outtrigger instead of Helena, if I didn't want also Helena in the final. So, three final worthy songs , a real miracle of this Saturday night is the Swedish one, not the Romanian one!
There were many hickups, especially with the graphics that showed wrong results, or displayed the last two duelists before they were said. Someone in SVT isn't happy right now....

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