Tuesday, March 04, 2014


Slovenia, that luckily decided to take part in Eurovision 2014 after a serious hesitation, has premiered its songs for the final tonight. Was it worth it? Yes. An interesting group of songs and none of them going for the cheesy cheap Eurodisco. Good job. The Slovenian final will take place this Saturday. Enjoy!

Omar Naber - I won't give up
Nermin Puškar & Samuel Lucas - Masquarade
Bilbi - To ni blues
Rudi Bucar & Elevators - Tja
Tinkara Kovac - Spet (round and round)

It will be propably between Tinkara's Eurovision friendly radiopop that is so catchy I was about to sing along just when she decided to change into Slovenian, and Omar Naber's generic pop rock. Nude isn't bad either and this blogger's personal favorite along with Tinkara is Nermin & Samuel.... but round and round we go again, I guess.

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