Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Belgium chose Axel Hirsoux (32). He has taken part in several talent shows since 2001 and finally hit gold in the Belgian national selection Eurosong. He's got a great voice, no doubt and this blogger liked his efforts a lot in the selection process. When his entry Mother was revealed, I was less enthuastic....But I seem to be in minority as he is one of the main favorites to win this year....
Robert: There was no better song for me in the disappointing Belgian selection this year. Therefor I chose Axel's song but certainly not because I love it so much. I see that he can attract a lot of votes with his voice, song and presentation and maybe win the whole thing, but in the end we won't understand anymore why we voted for him because the song gets irritating quickly I'm afraid. 
Blogilkar: I agree with my bicycling reporter Robert what he said about the song. Plus I have to admit I find the lyrics so cheesy I can't take them seriously. (Maybe I have some issues in my mother-son relationship? or my years living among Italian mammoni?) But considering the day after the final is a Mother's Day in many European countries and knowing ladies weekness for all these pop tenors this time of the year (the other being Christmas time) there is a danger we will end up with a winner no one wants to hear after the lights are down and party's over. A bit like I wanna..... 
I think the Belgian Eurosong had actually three good enough songs to send to Eurovision: Sil's What's the time in Tokyo, Yass with Need you tonight and Nothing is impossible by Eva Jacobs.

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