Thursday, March 13, 2014


The German national final has just ended and the newcomers and wildcard Elaiza beat the megastar Unheilig in the superfinal with Is it right? Santiano and MarieMarie also qualified for the top-4. So, I got 3 out of 4 right and suspected the Elaiza win since their first performance as they always got a huge applause. 
Emmelie de Forest was there, as was Emma from Italy, presented as "the face of Michele Hunziger and the voice of Gianna Nannini". Sadly I have to say Emma was far from convincing; shouty and out of breath vocals, far from flattering facials, no staging whatsoever.... Sigh. I was hoping she would give a proper polished premiere of her entry but no.... 
But back to Germany. Good show overall, some good songs, interesting winner even if Unheilig won me over during the show but I preferred the first song that didn't get to the superfinal to be honest.
And Jan Ola Sand, Christer Björkman and Nicola Caligiore were there, too, the latter declaring "Eurovision cliché is long gone!".

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