Friday, March 07, 2014


The reigning Eurovision country Denmark has published snippets of its songs today and it's a pretty solid mix of contemporary sounds and bits and pieces taken from the world charts. None jumps out of the lot yet screaming winner but that's not because they are bad but the contrary. Sonny makes me think of Michael Jackson and other similar acts in the early 1980's, Rebekka some American country singers, Nadia plays the Celine Dion powerballad card it seems, Michael and Natascha fish from the pool of Romanian hit sounds, GlamboyP comes from the school of Eric Saade wannabes, Emilie sounds very Danish - or at least every hit from Denmark in Danish I have heard the past few years has sounded like that and no, it's not a bad thing! Is Basim aiming to be the Danish Bruno Mars? Danni Elmo wouldn't be out of place in Melodifestivalen either. Bryan Rice is... well, Bryan Rice. Love that guy's voice! Last but not least Anna David that sounds very nice, too. So.... oh well, judged only by these snippets by favourites are Bryan, Basim, Emilie... but also Sonny, Michael and Natascha and Anna David... Maybe not so cliche after all :-)

Sonny - Feeling you 
Rebekka Thornbech - Your Lies
Nadia Malm - Before you forget me 
Michael Rune feat. Natascha Bessez - Wanna Be Loved
GlamboyP - Right by your side
Emilie Moldow - Vi finder hjem
Danni Elmo - She's the one
Bryan Rice - I choose U
Anna David - It hurts 

UDDATE: Listen full versions here.

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