Friday, March 14, 2014


Among all that's been going on the past few days I completely forgot about the Moldova. Anyways, tomorrow's their final and these eight songs qualified; one of my favorites is out and the other qualified only thanks to a televoting wildcard.... Not looking good. But I still stick to it. Vis is by far the best song among these.... pronunciation challenged efforts by most.

Diana Staver - One and all
Doinita Gherman - Energy
Boris Covali - Perfect day
Tatiana heghea - I'm yours
Lucia S - Frozen
Margarita & Metafora - Vis
Ana Cernicova - Dragostea divina
EDICT - Forever
Flux Flight - Never stop no
Aurel Chirtoaca - Urme de iubiri
Paralela 47 - Fragmente
Diana Brescan - Hallelujah
Mikaella - Follow your dreams
Curly - Your recovery
Christina Scarlat - Wild soul
Felicia Dunaf - The way I do

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