Monday, March 10, 2014


I wasn't maybe that right with my predictions of the qualifiers in the Norwegian MGP but then what can you expect if done by listening once the snippets? :-) But I did pick up Silent storm and now it's evident the rest of you has done so, too. Some are talking of it as the future Eurovision winner, but let's wait and see of that. But Norway is all about short titles this year, with the exceptions of El Cuero's rather grammatically challenging and long title. In the end Norwegians got a pretty nice but inoffensive line up. I enjoyed most of the songs for various reasons, exception being Charlie. Oda & Wulff were very entertaining but for all the wrong reasons though. I suspect any of these songs will bother the left side of the scoreboard in Copenhagen if chosen, with the exception of Carl Espen. He just has something that captures you, makes you stop whatever you are doing and listen him. Marija Serifovic proved already sometimes a great song and touching performance is enough. For me there's no one else in Norway this year. Silent storm is inside me and I want it in Copenhagen! This is music. This is emotion and feelings. And indeed... who knows, the silent storm could sweep across Europe and we will find us back in Oslo for 2015?

Dina Misund - Needs
Linnea Dale - High hopes
Mo - Heal
Charlie - Hit me up
Oda & Wulff - Sing
Knut Kippersund Nesdal - Taste of you
Elisabeth Carew - Sole survivor
Carl Espen - Silent storm

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