Monday, March 10, 2014


The Belgian final line up is already a done deal. Two songs from each semifinal qualified. I think the goodies were delivered already in the first and second one, while some seem to be rather taken by Mother. Axel is a great singer no doubt and even if I love my mum like the next guy that song makes me only think about Italian mammoni and their mother complex. In fact this song would do wonders in Italian and in Sanremo instead.... Mamma! On the other hand Mother's Day is in many countries on May 12 this year.... Yet I find it fake and calculated, not honest at all.
I'm in between Eva's classic Euroballad oozing positivity and hope and Sil's dramatic and somewhat sad song that needs some attention to be appreciated. Or maybe Yass in the end? I like that one, too. It would be nice to hear some French for a change as well.  That's what I say but who knows what the Belgian people will vote....

Eva Jacobs - Nothing is impossible
Axel Hirsoux - Mother
Bandits - One

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