Thursday, March 13, 2014


Germany will select its entry for the Eurovision song contest 2014 tonight. It's the last Big5 country to do so and in the show another Big5, Italy, will give us a peak of things to come as Emma Marrone will present her entry La mia città, for the first time in a big arena other than her own concerts. Little birds told she's having dancers! Italy + dancers! Incredibile!
The German selection has a rather weird way of selecting the song and artist as in the first round all eight artists will present their first entry. Televoters will will then select the four artists that go on to the second round and they present their another song. Again televoters will choose two artists to the superfinal where they will present their both entries and in the end we have a winner..... Confusing? Mad? Weird? I would say yes.... You can watch the show here from 20.15 CET.
So, what to say about the songs? Unheilig seems to be the one to beat and indeed I kinda like them. I would send to the second round them along with MarieMarie, Elaiza and Das Gezeichnete Ich. Madeleine and Oceana will be ok, too, as long as Santiano and The Baseballs are out but who knows how this ends? I have a bad feeling I will get it all wrong....

Madeline Juno: Like lovers do / Error
Das Gezeichnete Ich: Weil du da bist / Echo

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