Sunday, March 23, 2014


Hersi (Herciana Matmuja, 24) won the Albanese Festivali i Këngës with Zemërimi i një nate, that is now revamped to One night's anger. This was her fifth attempt to win the contest. She has a dual career going on with pop music and classical music with studies in Rome, Italy. Her entry somewhat embraces both of them and it isn't the easiest piece of cake this year to digest. 
Robert: After listening to all the preselection songs in Albania, I was disapponted with the quality of songs and can only conclude they selected the best among the worst. Hersi's song isn't among my favorites this year. No final.
Blogilkar: I don't totally agree with by bicycling reporter Robert. I think there were a few goodies in the Albanese selection, and I never saw Hersi coming and winning it. Somehow I can't get a grip of the song at all. I would have sent Venera Lumani & Lindi Islami with Natë e pare or Blerina Brako with Mikja ime instead. No final for Albania this year.

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