Friday, March 28, 2014


Andràs Kállay-Saunders is yet another third time lucky in this years Eurovision with Running. His previous attemps (I love you 2012, My baby 2013) made him known and last year he was already a runner up with #1 hit in Hungary with his entry. He's a New York born son of an American soul singer and a Hungarian model. His father started from Detroit and planted the Motown sound to his son, something this blogger has loved already for years. In 2011 András moved to Hungary to be close to his ill granny, saw the ad for the local Idols like talent show and the rest is history!
Robert: Dal, the Hungarian preselection was less interesting for me this year. Previous years, there were many more good quality songs to be found to my taste and Kedvesem of last year was an absolute topper for me. However, Hungary managed to choose the best song of their preselection this year. I like it and expect it to do very well. YES final.
Blogilkar: Once again the Hungarian Dal was a very good selection show and along the way I had a few favorites but Kállay-Saunders was my clear favorite frommthe start. Great song, strong message, different beat and doing well in the polls. Hungary is in with a real change this year and closer to the victory that ever since their debut 20 years ago. Go András!

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