Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Azerbaijan had a long selection process Böyük Səhnə and Dilara emerged as the winner being third time lucky to represent her country in Eurovision. Nothing wrong with that, she's got a lovely voice. Then the Azeri TV did the usual and went shopping for the song abroad and once again it comes from Sweden. Start a fire. Aren't there any musicians and authors among those over 9 million Azeris? Shame on you!
Robert: Disappointing entry for Azerbaijan. Look for some further! No final to my taste.
Blogilkar: With first hearing I thought this is good and maybe the best Azeri entry since Drip Drop, but more I hear it less I care about it. She's good, but the song is bland, going nowhere, heard before (even as an Azeri entry), uninspired and uninteresting. The only attempt to be original is the fire in the title. This little effort does not deserve a place in the final....

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