Friday, March 21, 2014


We are now entering the apparently slow month between the national finals and start of the contest in Copenhagen in the end of April with rehearsals and all the rest. Instead behind the scenes it's all crazy for the delegations with preparations, rehearsals, promotion, interviews, recording albums, mixes..... And soon there will be the two important promotion events as well, Eurovision in Concert and London Eurovision.... But back to Copenhagen:
The head of delegation meeting was earlier this week in Copenhagen and finally the last entries were presented, too.
As for the offcial news the premilinary dates for the Eurovision number 60 in 2015 have been set to May 12, 14 and 16. The host country draw its position in the final and picked up a very nice 23 out of 26. The positions for the semifinals will be revealed by DR later this month.
The HoDs also got a sneak peek of the stage and some described it huge, ”Moscow huge”, so good bye to the intimacy of Malmö 2013. Well, the venue gives a change to build something very big, and apparently the Danish are going big at least in the height department! Hopefully it won't fall apart like in Copenhagen 2001 with the worst arena and stage ever. Period. But there seems to be awfully lot of work yet to be done judging the images inside the halls...
The HoDs also got to see some of the postcards that are soon all filmed all around Europe with the artists in the home environments giving us a glimpse of their daily life.
EBU has also released a video of how the voting happens, a kind of Eurovision voting for the dummies. All in line to get the voting more open. As we remember this year the votes of each individual jury memeber will be published, five of them in each country. The names of them, all 185, will be published May 1, 2014.
And today it's exactly 50 years since Copenhagen hosted the Eurovision for the first time, ending with a runaway victory for Italy's lovely Gigliola Cinquetti and Non hol'età, one of the best winners ever if you ask me. Time will tell if she will be present in Copenhagen in May....

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