Monday, March 31, 2014


Moldova staged once again its national final and there was no lack of drama. In the end Cristina Scarlat (33) won ahead of Boris "Let's change songs" Covali and others. She was fourth time lucky winning the national final after being already the runner up in 2013. Cristina is the lead singer of the Presidential orchestra, plays piano and violin and even has time for a family life being a mother of two kids. Her entry Wild soul is heavily staged dark drama...
Robert: When I only heard the studio versions of the Moldovan national selection, Vis by Margarita & Metafora was my favorite. But unfortunately Margarita wasn't very strong vocally on the night of the final. Pity! So in the end the right song won with this power woman with strong voice. Cristina was my second choice to win the ticket before the final, but after I heard them singing it was only Cristina for me. But do not argue with her.... beware!
Blogilkar: Margarita was also my favorite, my only favorite in Moldova. Unfortunately she was ill and hardly able to sing at all, so.... I still haven't got any grip of this Moldovan Wild dances, sorry Wild soul. The staging is rather confusing, her English quite challenged and it's just way too much drama for me.... This will be my toilet break.... If only it was not in English I might like it a bit more.

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