Tuesday, March 04, 2014


Softengine has been busy since their win in UMK 2014 but this week they returned to television and had a chat with Bettina and also performed their entry. You can watch it here from 29:30 and 35:30 for the performance (in Finnish with Swedish subtitles, bien sur). For those who don't understand either and I don't blame you,  here's in short what was told and said:
The interview was done by Topi but he stressed he's not Softengine alone. Being the lead singer, and in this case also the composer of the song he's the front image of the band and therefor ends up doing most of the interviews. As the band's average age is around 18 and they were totally unknown before UMK their lives have really changed afterwards. But it's been great and thinking about the 100 million people watching them in May, it's crazy!  Indeed Topi looks rather confused about all of it still. He admits it is very confusing still. Every day. Then he reveals he and Henri (co-author of the lyrics) were supposed to go to do their military service but with the help of their record label they managed to get it postboned by a year. Next year they will see if they need another year and so on. He says  doing military would have been an interesting experience but now music is his passion and number one priority.
Right now until Eurovision in May they are obviously being very busy. They are recording their debut album and rehearsing full set for their concerts as the tour starts this month. On top of that there are all Eurovision preparations and studying to better their English.
The music video will be shot on Sunday (That was last Sunday, this interview was done on Feb 27, ed.note) and at this point Topi has no clue about it. Except that it will be a live performance kind of video. He admits they want to have a control over their career, but he doesn't know where it will be shot and he only cares it being a live one and he trusts the director so it's ok.

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