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This season I did an editorial choice not to do any interviews for various reasons, but there's one I just had to do: my main girl Valentina Monetta, the Sammarinese representative for the third year in a row. The young girl using social network almost emerged from the crisalide last year as a woman but this year, maybe, she will shine like a a pearl in the shell in Copenhagen! What does she think about her past, present and future? And what does kite surfing mean to her? Would she rather hang out with Nina, Raphael or Marco? Find it all out here:

Valentina, here you are again. What's up?
It's good, I'm happy and I go forward, doing what I love the most in life and if I have this ability and luck, I owe it to Eurovision.  
To begin with, let's go back in time. Valentina in 2004. Where was she and what she was doing, what she dreamed about?
In 2004, I was working, dating a police officer and in the evenings I trasformed as a singer ..
Well, now let's go to the future instead. Valentina in 2024?
Good question! Maybe I'll have two sons and a Pygmalion companion? Perhaps I'm producing myself and will produce other talents, too. One thing is certain: I will be still singing. 
Back to the present. Soon you'll be in both Eurovision in Concert and the London Eurovision Party once again. What is the significance of these two fan events for you?
It 's great, in both occasions I felt loved so much and this of course is always a great pleasure, I hope it will be like that this time, too.
What do you expect the most in Copenhagen ? You were already in Eurovision twice and you know the festival better than any other artist this year. Do you think this experience helps you in some way?
It's different every time and it's as if it was the first time, although the logistics are more or less the same but every time you breathe a different air, emotions are always more and more intense, but perhaps easier to manage or perhaps not. You're never too experienced and this is its beauty. Eurovision Song Contest will always be one of the most significant experiences of my career and for both my artistic maturity and humanity.
Your performance in the Party of San Marino in Malmo in 2013 was a success which is still talked about. Are you planning something similar in Copenhagen?
Maybe .. hahaha :)
How do you respond to criticism of your Eurovision choices compared to those songs you sing and write for yourself usually and perform in gigs?
I think it's fun and constructive to test and find that you have resources that go beyond your comfort zone and certainty. For me to work with Ralph Siegel and interpret his songs is a privilege and great study. He is a great professional and composer, and if he saw in me in what we propose to you that is a valid reason and I believe in him. Like it or not, what we are able to transmit with his music, it never happened to me before. This is not to say that my music is worth of nothing, in fact, it is thanks to him that many fans have discovered and are singing ''Una giornata bellissima” for example, and I had the opportunity to write and work on my album “Sensibilità”, which will be released on April 4.
If you were not a singer as a profession, what would you do? Or have you always been sure that one day you will a singer? Childhood dreams?
Yes. Since my childhood I knew I had artistic talent, i was always singing and often preferred to play and listen to music instead of other games and even in my dreams. Maybe I would have otherwise been part of Greenpeace and it is never too late unless the planet definitely turns against us seeing how we treat it...
In your third participation at Eurovision you have many supporters but also, in contrast , detractors and critics . How important criticism is to you, what do you think?
The critic is needed but still I go on my way, hoping to make the best choices just like everyone else.

 Had you done TV before Eurovision 2012? And what was your biggest audience pre-Baku 2012?
I participated in several talent shows and worked for some local Sammarinese and Italian TVs but never of this caliber. But it's a fact that if I had not sung in clubs with live musicians for years making my steps, I probably would not be here and would not be able to write and compose songs and be able to give so much to the listener.
When you sing in a small club with a few dozen people, or in the arena of 15,000 people and 100 million infront of the TV screen ... is there any difference in the end?
No, the respect I have for myself, the song and the audience in front of me is so huge, no matter how many they are. 
Nina Zilli , Marco Mengoni, Emma .... who is your favorite ? Who of these three would you do a duet with?
All three are great artists .. with all three but with Nina Zilli we would have so much fun togerher, I think. 
Finally let's talk about something totally different. Kite surfing . How would you describe in a few words what it is and what it gives to you? Many do not have a clue of this extreme sport There are also various types of kitesurfing , freestyle , freeride, downwinders , jumping, wave -riding .....
Hahaha .. kitesurfing you can cherish for many reasons. After I begin to practice this sport it has given me so much .. It helped me overcome my fears and insecurities, and when I'm stressed, it helps me to regain my mental and physical balance. I love the wind and its unpredictability and surf on water or snow (snow kite), driven by a large kite, being caught by his strength, it is an unforgettable experience ..(And sometimes it gives unforgetable moments to passersby, too, read more here) I am still a beginniner and now I am still learning but to do freestyle that is my goal. I've even written a song '' Il vento (Wind) '' that will be in my album "Sensibilità".
And with that I thank you. See you soon in Copenhagen! 
Thank you! ENJOY YOUR LIFE! It's worth it! . .. Kisses, Vale. 

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