Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Greece will select its entry tonight. Four songs in the running. Freaky Fortune seems to the favorite. It makes me think of washed down Athena and For real for some reason. The there's Kylie-lite Josephine with a song that goes nowhere nor is very funky and certainly no sign of stars colliding. Krystallia brings in the drama and beautiful Greek language. The most interesting song of the lot no doubt. And therefor the best one. Makes me think of those days Greece sent quality songs like in 1992-93. Kostas was the pre-contest favorite but is losing ground. The song recalls last year's entry (same writer) and strangely also the beforementioned For real. Somehow it's not him. Just stroll in the beautiful beach singing some lovely ballads, that comes more natural for you, Kostas. The MAD Show starts at 21.00 CET here.
Freaky Fortune feat. Riskykidd – Rise up
Mark Angelo feat. Josephine – Dancing night
Krystallia – Petalouda stin Athina (Butterfly in Athens)
Kostas Martakis – Kanenas de me stamata (No one can stop me)

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