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Rai1 launched a new show this summer Ora o mai più or a second chance for those forgotten singers of the 80s and 90s to retake their spotlight and maybe place in the charts. Four prime time shows and an album to be released on July 10 in every Italian newspaper stand. Plus dueting with the big names of the business who were their coaches and doing covers. And finally in the last episode a new song that should relaunch their career.... Inviting, isn't it? 
This blogger has been following Italian music since very early 80s so the whole cast was very familiar (with the exception of Stefano Sani, tbh) and I even own most of the hit records they had made in the past.
From the very first episode Lisa was a front runner winning the first and second show - there were coaches like Marco Masini, Loredana Berté, Zarrillo, Marcella Bella and Patty Pravo with Eurovision veteran Fausto Leali who voted along with the public - but Eurovision veterans Jalisse stormed to victory in the third one. Lisa may have won the show but Jalisse surely benefits from it as well, maybe having been able to showcase who they are and what they can do and make people forget their prejudices, clearly evident even among the coaches in the first episode. 
If we look at the separete votes in all episodes by the coaches and public, Lisa wins with the coaches, Marco Armani surprisingly second followed by Jalisse and Massimo Di Cataldo. But for the public it's a close run: Jalisse wins followed by Lisa and Di Cataldo. 
This blogger is very happy for Lisa's win as I think Sempre is one of the best Italian songs ever and totally deserved to win Sanremo (it placed 3rd in 1998) and Jalisse 2nd and Massimo Di Cataldo third suits me just fine. Di Cataldo most likely will relaunch his career big time after this and who knows we will see him and Lisa in Sanremo 2019...?

Click below the names of the artists for their signature hits, and their coach for some duet + THE NEW SONG

1. Lisa with Marco Masini (416) 
2. Jalisse with Michele Zarrillo (403)
4. Marco Armani with Red Canzian (389)

*Donatella Milani left the programme after the first episode 
and was replaced by Francesca Alotta

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gk2659 said...

Sempre and her 2003 entries simply amazing!

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