Sunday, June 03, 2018


One of Eurovision legend Ralph Siegel's most succesful songs - if not the most sold one - Moskau is reborn. Back in 1979 is charted all over Europe hitting #1 in Germany, Japan, Russia and Australia of all places and has since sold millions in dozens of versions in different languages. And here we have some more new versions and videos, reproduced by Siegel himself with British born Jay Khan and the German lyrics revisited by Bernd Meinunger for the occasion of the FIFAWorld Championships in Russia this summer. Original band members Edina Pop and Henriette Strobel provide vocals as well with the recent band members while the Russian and Spanish versions have featured lead singers Alexander Malinin with his daughter and Mexican Jorge Jiménez and Marifer Medrano. 
Moskau Moskau lives again in a worldwide event, after being used as a theme songs during Moscow Olympics by Aussies and played all over the world. Now this summer, soccer games give us an excuse to listen this pearl of a song again. Over and over again!

Check out all the versions below:

Dschinghis Khan & Jay Khan - Moscow Moscow (English version)
Dschinghis Khan & Jay Khan - Moskau Moskau (German Football version)
Dschinghis Khan, Alexander Malinin & Ustinya Malina - Москва (Russian version)
Dschinghis Khan, Jorge Jiménez & Marifer Medrano - Moscú (Spanish version)
Dschinghis Khan - Москва, Moscow, Moscú (International Version)
Dschinghis Khan - Moscú, Moscow, Москва (International Version)
Dschinghis Khan & Jay Khan - Moskau, Москва, Moscú, Moscow (Internationale Version)
Dschinghis Khan & Jay Khan - Moscow, Москва, Moscú (International Version)

And here's their legendary Eurovision performance - I remember the Finnish commentator mumbling in confusion "there was a person on stage who didn't sing!" Was it the first time?

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