Tuesday, October 17, 2017


San Marino is after you. If you are an inspiring artist dreaming of Eurovision (no, I don't mean you, Sasha Bobnigov but I suppose we will see you anyway...) and launches a global talent search and the winner gets a record deal and gets to represent San Marino at the Eurovision song contest 2018. It's a co-operation between SMRTV and UK based 1 in 360 Ltd, a production company.
The whole idea isn't maybe all that revolutionary as they advertised beforehand as Switzerland and also Germany have tried something similar in a smaller scale before.
So, in short: record a song (preferably a cover, but original songs are welcome, too), submit it (between October 21-November 30) and then after November 1, 2017 when the entries submitted will be out in the open in www.1in360.com all you need to do is get enough likes and shares to get further or to be heard by the judges. Yes, either 100 likes or paying a fee of 4.99 euros or they won't bother (and who can blame them?). The judges will then select seven artists out of these submission but.....
There will be three wild cards to make it a perfect ten. This is where it becomes interesting..... Apparently they will be performing in various shows for the judges, and in the end they will be three, chosen internally. These three will then have a song written for them (hello Germany?) and eventually the winner is chosen..... Or something like that. It just feels as confusing as any Azeri marathon selection.... or Lithuanian tbh. Trying to remember how it went in Switzerland and in Germany..... Oh yes, didn't wildcards always win? 
Anyways, this kind of selection is good for San Marino because 1) They will have the attention of the Eurovision bubble for the rest of the year, 2) They will propably gather quite a sum to cover the costs of the participation as who wouldn't pay the 4.99 to make sure you are heard by the judges?
It will be interesting to see who enters. I mean the serious entries. They will be surely flooded by jokes and trolls and those who think they have some talent as always in case of the these open calls. Some people should just have some self critic and modesty, and therefor I doubt I can be bothered to pay much attention to this (or any similar selection) until the last stages, but all that matters in the end is the final ten. Hopefully they get worthy ones, and also Sammarinese ones.
"This is a project we believe in strongly. Music has no borders. Hopefully many Sammarinese artists will take part but it will be an international event, not only European but global. People fromeverywhere are welcome to take part", said Director General of SMRTV Carlo Romeo.

What if Valentina Monetta enters? Do they have the courage not to pass her into the top-10? ;-p

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