Sunday, October 15, 2017


French Patrick Fiori is back with a new album this year, and Oú je vis is the lead single of it. A song that grows and grows and gets stuck in your head. Another Fiori goodie. He should do Eurovision again!
Sweden's Eurovision winner Loreen continues releasing singles off her coming album and 71 charger is out now. This is a far cry for euphoric feelings, but a lot more enjoyable than her other latest efforts, mainly thanks to its mysterious atmosphere.
Slovenian Marayya are trying to go international with their latest Diamond Duck, an obvious reference to the orange man in the white house. Filled with emojis and stuff, the video is far more interesting than the song that sounds more like an idea of something that never became a proper song. But sometimes these things work and become hits. Released already awhile ago it seems this is not one of those, Shame.
Russian Serebro has released a song about "the love between us" in the middle of yet another line up change. Между нами любовь or Mezhdu nami lyubov is another catchy pop tune the group is so familiar with. The girls have been on top already for ten years and 8th Serebro girl is about to join the line up. 

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