Sunday, May 07, 2017


Ukraine will perform as n.o 22 in the final
It could be the little Finn in me that makes me like this rock sound. This looks good, sticks out being the only one in this genre this year. Still it's very hard to place into the ranking. The face on stage is a memorable gimmick and gladly they have taken away all the references of time bombs and war they had in the national final as that might have been a bit scary here. I guess we all want to forget for a moment what is happening just around the corner in the eastern border and Crimea. With words like "obey" and "no thought" with that head on stage give the song another flavor, equally important.
I suspect this will place a way lower than it deserves but who knows? The hair waving instrumental moment is just awesome. Pure energy! Is it me or does that face take a bit of a Hitlerist look in the end??!!

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