Thursday, May 04, 2017


Here we go with the second technical rehearsals, this time 20 minutes each and in full stage dress, so this should be already exactly like it's going to be in the live broadcasts next week. Minor changes can be still done but so far it's apparently been very quiet and no major drama has erupted like in some previous years so most everyone seems to be more or less happy with their staging ideas and how Ukrainians have managed to get it all together. And for the first time EBU is letting us see 30 seconds of the actual television broadcast feed to wet our appetite for the rea thing.....
Let's start with Sweden. I'm sure we all are already familiar with this. It's the same choreography and camera shots as in Melodifestivalen basicly. All is pretty much tuned into perfection, each move and look and now it all comes down to Robin's capacity of trasmitting some emotion and solid vocals, or this could turn out a very cold affair. This said, I like it. It works and it's a full package. A top-5 should be very possible but maybe rather 4th to 5th place. In worst case scenario 7th. 

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