Thursday, May 04, 2017


Poor viewers and those with ear for some musical purity. After Belgium comes Montenegro. Slavko's vocals are no dount the weakest link here and I just wonder how come they have backing singers hidden away but why there isn't one to double Slavko? That's something that happens all the time (Madonna/Donna De Lory, hello?) and that could have made this so much stronger. I love the song, mind you. This performance just seems a bit un-energetic and he's apparently more concentrated on the choreography and posing that singing. It's a shame. With good vocals and right sparkle in the eyes this could go very far, now I'm afraid it won't pass the semifinal after all. It's just a bit too much, but not over the top enough to be really outrageous. 
In short: if this was a cake it has all the right ingredients but someone forgot the baking soda and it remained flat. But this is still one of my favorites in studio version!

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