Thursday, May 04, 2017


 Are they going to lose it all? Belgium entered the danger zone the moment Blanche walked on stage. In a way that hasn't happened in Eurovision for years and years. From the top favorite to the bottom. All looked and sounded so great on a video, but here, singing live.... she's scared and looks like she's going to burst to tears any moment and it effects her voice. On top of that a princess dress that would have been good on Zoe belting out Loin d'ici and a backdrop that is pretty and nice indeed, but completely wrong for this song. For once we have a song that would perfectly fit some corny New York city lights in black and red from some random television crime series from the 1980's. And we get this. I'm buzzled. 
Maybe they are pulling our leg all the way and come Monday jury final and Tuesday's broadcast and a miracle happens? If not, Belgium is indeed deep in the danger zone and risks going home on Tuesday.... From the pre-contest #2 slot. Kate Ryan, hello? No wonder she adopted Blanche as her name here.... she's still got a future with her own name. All this said, I feel so sorry for her. And love the studio version of the song.

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