Monday, May 02, 2016


A clock. A huge clock for Slow down. Purprle and gold as the backdrop colors, Douwe in smart suit with his band, playing his guitar. Vintage chick as someone wrote. The Netherlands have done great with their staging in the recent years, or a total disaster like last year. This year seems to be back on the right track. 
Slow down and focus on the things that really matter is the motto and it's working. It's relaxing and he seems comfortable, taking use of the catwalk during the song,too. 
In Meet & Greet Douwe tells beautiful things about Sweden and he seems to like all of it; beautiful people and great public transport. Even a windmill near Globen, what could he ask for more? He also reveals he had the song ready when he was asked to represent the Netherlands, but later he wrote this one and they decided to go with it. He's not a big Eurovision fan either, he saw it for the first time in 2009. His family didn't have a TV so he didn't have the family tradition to watch the show like most of his friends did. He also tells he has written many a song in Morocco where he use to go a lot. His father used to live there and even speaks Moroccan.... Hmm, I thought they speak Arabic and Berber in Morocco. And his mom? She's driving fromAmsterdam by car and on her way..... Awww...
What is that green thing??!!

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