Saturday, May 07, 2016


One of the most awaited ones. Francesca has travelled across Europe in her bus and charmed the folks on the route. After a nervous night with little sleep she was ready to take on the stage in Globen. She's living a dream that is coming reality as she has always watched Eurovision and as a kid told her mom she wants to become the Italian entrant one day. The day is here and now. The staging is a beautiful garden but with a twist. At some point the stage floor becomes water and she is standing on a little island. In the end she take sout a seed and gives it to the audience following the theme of her song. She's even dressed as a chic hippie gardener that suits her but would a fashion disaster on anyone else. On tv screen some sepcial efefcts will be added, sketches and drawings, something never seen before at Eurovision. Italy was welcomed with open arms and some are talking about a black horse. Let's see. Top-5 seems pretty sure at this point. 

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