Wednesday, May 04, 2016


Kaliopi. Who doesn't love her? She's back by public demand as she says. She will be wearing a long black dress with white back when it matters but today she was in casual. Four backing vocalists and a drummer with her on stage. Dark blue stage with spotlight on her only to start with, and then the stage lightens up eventually. Kaliopi is a fantastic live performer and could sing the shopping list convincingly if needed, especially if in Macedonian. And she puls out her famous high note as well. What's there not to love? The song may be old fashioned and all that but then, among all these manufactured and calculated acts this stands out as real and autenthic, full of passion and emotions. Real ones (take note, Australia)
Kaliopi was not happy with her first rehearsal, she tells in the Meet & Greet. But she's sure everything will be fixed in time. She also has actively forgotten her 1996 Eurovision and counts only these last two ones. Then she praises the Eurovision fans and journalists who made her stay in Baku unforgettable and she cherishes those moments forever. And she's happy to see so many of those people again in Stockholm. And if she qualifies to the final, she promises to tell what Dona really means. And yes, she sings, too..... Amazing voice. No doubt.
And then.... donuts for everybody! LOL. 
Then she is asked how she can remember everybody? She tells she gets so much from people. They pften think she gives to them but she gets so much from people and keeps them in her heart and remembers them for that. She keeps talking and telling stories in her fabulous way. Check out the video at the bottom of this post.
Kaliopi, is the offer for tea at your house still valid if I come by Macedonia this summer?
She didn't sleep all night like a little child. She's still young.....

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