Wednesday, May 04, 2016


It seems Israel is doing what I was calling this morning: someone singing in the spotlight without gimmicks letting the song speak to itself. Almost. There are hoop acrobats behind him, and a rain of fire in the end of the song, chrystals. Otherwise Hovi is what we have come to expect already: dressed in self designed black outfit and with make up. All looking expensive and elegant. Flawless vocals and stage presence. Very positive comments for him, only concern the hoop dancers who didn't get it spot on everytime. We'll see. 
In the Meet & Greet Hovi, the perfectionist, was surprised how happy he was with the rehearsal. Not perfect quite yet but almost there, and it will be when it matters. He tells he does have a weight on his shoulders after last year's success. Then he quotes Kaliopi: Winning Eurovision is not winning the first place. Winning Eurovision is having a song that people remembers after years and years. it's not all about the trophy. An advice he has taken to his heart. He talks about Dana International and Diva, what all that ment to him back then. And guess what? They anted to have those drones on stage! Security said: No way! Why? And what does his song and performnce mean to the LGBT community all around the world? What about bullying? Check out in the video at the bottom of this post. This Meet & Greet was a good one, and like Deen yesterday Hovi really said quite a few things to think about.... He's clever and fun! Love him even more .-) Did I mention this song is one of my favorites, dah!
Love is free, so give it!
He's outfit or rather look for the big night will be worth of 20.000 euros with 150.000 chrystals al over his outfit, mic and mic stand.... Sparkle sparkle little star.....

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