Tuesday, May 03, 2016


Not a good start for Greta, it seems. Problems with vocals and even more so with her projections; she was missing her cues and in a wrong places quite a few times. Also the LED screen she is using is apparently quite small, or at least when compared to the huge stage that is (just like Russia btw) and it is filmed in a way that the larger screen behind the stage are visible at times breaking the illusion and ruining the whole point. Is this a SVT sabotage by purpose? Lol. But there's time for fixing everything in the next rehearsal. Otherwise it's pretty much what we've seen already. Greta is using the stage a bit more perhaps and has a new outfit. A Måns rip off and fan wank. This could be a shocker (for some) non qualifier for all I know.
In the Meet & Greet Great was happy and thought the rehearsal went well, but said there's a lot to work on still. She's more experienced than 2012, and back then she was just starting her pop career being known as a classical violinist. And the song is about not listening those negative voices, be it in real life or online. We have to start listening positive voice instead and care for each other. Peace in the world and all that stuff, you know. And visuals are art. Period. How important is Eurovision in Iceland? She answers that and quite a few things in the video at the bottom of this post. Beware, she talks a lot.... 

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