Monday, May 02, 2016


On we go with Hungary. mainly red in the backdrop, cracking lava on the floor, three backing vocalists (3/5 of the accapella band Foolmoon btw) and the drummer boy with Freddie on stage. Apparently the camerawork is still a mystery to SVT in this act, but we are to expect close ups of Freddie's dreamy eyes and the backing singers. The backing singers have the stick choreography I liked after all which is a positive thing. They are all dressed casual, vocally great. Hungary is so qualifying and challenging their best placements yet. 
In Meet & Greet Freddie tells he's a bit like Sandhja the Eurovision virgin, he either has not been following it or any other contests for that matter. As an artist he's around only from last year and never thought he'd sing so he's still a bit amazed of it all really. And he's even getting used to flying - his third fly to Stockholm after the trip to Tel Aviv - but still not liking it that much :-)
As an ex-basketball player he gets the spirit though. And he comes across as a really nice guy! 

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