Thursday, May 05, 2016


Quick camera shots and zooms, flashing lights and animations, mirror images and duplicated band members to create a psychedeic and kaleidoscopic effect. Thats's Georgia ladies and gentlemen! Smoke pyros for the final touch. Very colorful, very 70's. Yellow and purple lights. The song's about the day after, the infamous "dagen efter" in Swedish. Now that's explains it all. It must have been stronger than aspirin and Sprite these guys had....
The fandom has woken up. I have thought this will qualify since the day one, despite it being among my favorites but I do find it amusing in some ways.
In the Meet and Greet the guys told the rehearsal and stage were ok "they've played big venues before". Hmm. Not impressed? That's something new. Then they talk about their song writing process. And how Britpop is one of their influences. And Nika is into cooking! He was even in a cooking show recently. He did a salad. I wonder if he added some magical mushrooms into it? :-) Then we talk about Thomas G:son, the song's producer. He polished the dirty sound of the song, so to speak. Nika likes Sebastien Tellier of the previous Eurovision artists. And life's about taking risks. One shoud try everything. Even Eurovision. They have also done film music.... Check out the rest in the video at the bottom of the post. 
Nika tells he was rather surprised when he ws asked to do Eurovision, then he thought why not? Music is music....

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