Sunday, May 01, 2016


The juries have been made public. Still blogger still fails a bit to understand what's the point making them known this early, as I think it will be easier to maybe reach out to them and influence their vote when they are all out and known. But then what do I know? Only that if, say Jannika was a friend of mine, I would brainwash her to vote who I want to, lol. If I didn't know she's in the jury and she didn't tell me I wouldn't.... Just saying :-)

The Finnish one is:
Simo "Jurek" Reunamäki (29) - he has been involved in producing for example Antti Tuisku's latest megasuccesful album, as well as Johanna Kurkela, Janna and Robin so he knows at least what kind of music Finns like to buy and listen in 2016.
Hanna Kinnunen (35) - she's hosting an afternoon show on Radio Aalto. She's also musician and singer (as Hanna B), and actress in both films and television.
Heimo Hatakka (50) - journalist and lyricist. He has written songs to Anna Puu, Paula Koivuniemi, Anne Mattila and Egotrippi among others.
Jori Sjöroos (40) - musician and producer who made PMMP the most succesful girl duo in the Finnish music history. 
Jannika Wirtanen (31) aka Jannika B - artist. Two succesful albums and several hit songs to her credit. She's also married to Toni Wirtanen, the ex-UMK coach. 

In other countries we have a lot of Eurovision veterans or wannabes in the juries: Kejsi Tola (Albania), Hayko (Armenia), Sankil Jones (Austria), Teo (Belarus), Axel Hirsoux (Belgium), Basim (Denmark), Kati Wolf (Hungary), Molly Sterling (Ireland), Andrea Demirovic (Montenegro), Bojana Stamenov (Serbia), Vladimir Graic (Serbia, composer) while Spain throws in all the losing participants in their national final added with multiple loser Coral Segovia, as does Sweden with Wiktoria and Anton Ewald, Marga Bult aka Marcha (Netherlands) and propbaly a few I missed.....

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