Monday, May 02, 2016


Finland was the first one to rehearse on the stage in Globen. What I hear from the spot the stage isn't that great really, or rather it has surprised. Negatively. But let's see how it develops in general. 
Back to Finland. Blue, yellow and purple in the backdrop, turquoise jumpsuit made of reindeer suede for Sandhja that maybe isn't that flattering really, and black for the ladies in black doing a few Lena Philipssons with microphone stands. Some comments say the party never started and that Sandhja was holding back. At some point there's also a huge pink triangle in the backdrop but it doesn't help to fill the stage. A lot of long wide shots that are not very good it seems and Sandhja seems a bit lost alone in the catwalk. All this said we can only hope the Finnish delegation makes the necessary changes to give the act the energy and joy it has also on television screen where it counts. 
In the Meet & Greet the kickboxing nurse who's also Eurovision virgin said she's comfortable and happy with the rehearsal and being inside this Eurovision bubble now. 

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