Thursday, May 05, 2016


The Danish boys have illuminated microphone stands, they dance around a little - some said they went the Herreys route here - and end up the song in the catwalk while pyros go off. The stage is once again blue most of the time. Whoever changes color these days will stand out like a stick in an eye! Their staging is simple, backing singers hidden (again!) and no gimmicks. Apparently despite the simplicity everything went wrong in the first run through: the microphone stand didn't lit up, the spot light on them didn't turn on, even the in-ear microphone piece problems. Add camera angle problems. They need up to five run throughs (instead of the common three) and things aren't still good. Autch. It seems like the worst rehearsal so far of them all. But they are soldiers, love will solve every problem, I hope!
In the Meet and Greet they explain why they are Lighthouse X as in 10 (ten) in Roman numbers, not X. They also tell what happened with their microphones and how one of them almost died thanks to fireworks. Draamaa! They are also actors, so they talk about the differences and what's better and how did they meet? They have been so busy with Eurovision related things that they haven't really had time to think what next? Then they talk about their Eurovision favorites and their charity work. Check it all out in the video at the bottom of this post. 
The guys are men in black. They even have the same outfits as in the Danish final, except Søren. They lookis supposed to be a mit soldier-esque. 

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