Tuesday, May 03, 2016


Time for some rock with Cyprus. Hard rock look, all in black, prison cell like cages, wolves, dry ice, negative pictures, a lot of black and white lights. Fire. Francois showing of his muscled arms. And did I mention the wolf? Apparently there's going to be some special trick with it still in the making. Hologram?  Aggressive and edgy. Energetic with not quite perfect vocals, some report. But this is just a technical rehearsal.  This certainly stands out between sweet pink colored Czechia and Austria!
In the Meet & Greet the band said the rehearsal was pretty good, but still a lot of things to adjust. And they reveal this is their very first original song as they have been only a cover band until now. More original songs are coming out, so no worries. They think they will stand out because they have energy, they a rock band and it's a rock song, not so usual in Eurovision. And were they scared of the stage? No! They were like "Wow, this is what I want to do the rest of my life!" They also tell the origins of the name Minus One (check it out in the video at the bottom of this post). And their favorite Eurovision entries are Hard rock hallelujah and In my dreams. No surprise! Out of the songs this year they could cover Spain's entry.... And did someone have a crush on Sandra Kim?! And for those complaining the song isn't Greek/Cypriot enough, the lyrics are full of drama and tragedy, what could be more Greek?
"Plans for future? Going to the bar! And then hosting the Eurovision in Nicosia. or at the beach..... And gimmicks are for those who need them. We don't. We are a rock band." 
The wolves together.....

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