Tuesday, May 03, 2016


If Armenia scored with the reviewers and made it all right and had the wow factor, Azerbaijan seems to have let everybody disappointed and let down. Well, if the cue is taken from their video like many others this year one could expect it, right? The video being almost as good as Albania 2004 really. Vocally Samra seems to be a real disaster. Who is surprised raise your hand! Four backing singers/dancers with her doing some rather cliché moves (some sources claim them the best thing so far). All in all a very downscale staging for Azerbaijan. And there's the shower of fire in the end. Yawn.
Have they lost the sparkle? The rehearsal is taking a lot of time and no one seems happy. Hmm...  At this point they really need a miracle. And Samra getting better as apparently she's a bit ill.
The Meet & Greet started with the presentation of her App. At this point I think I'm going to scream next time I hear "Thank you for your question. It's a very good question" from anyone. This is the new "Thank you for the amaaaaazing show!" now that the spokepersons aren't pretty much able to say that anymore.... (Yes, SVT has given them strick scripts).
But back to Samra. She's not feeling so well indeed, she said. Then she should cover herslef up and not go around half naked, me thinks. And she liked Molitva and Euphoria. Now I like her a little more (because of Molitva that is)

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