Friday, December 16, 2016


Before all the fans start moaning about the ticket prices for Eurovision let's have a look what the tickets to Sanremo festival cost. Maybe you'll be happy with whatever EBU and NTU offer after....
The single night tickets cost either 100 or 180 euro depending which part of the Teatro Ariston you are seated. That's for the first four nights; the final costs 320 and 660 euro. But to get these you should line up in the box office at the theater day by day....
If you want to buy the full five day package that's 672 or 1290 euros. And no funny business with the tickets as they are all printed out with your name and date and place of birth, and you need to prove your identity with the ticket so you can't just give it to someone else once you have it. 
The ticket sales start here on January 10, 2017 if you are tempted..... But remember the number of tickets is very limited as the theater is filled with industry people, RAI people, people from Sanremo town...  Apparently they are sold to whoever they want to, and not even first come, first served is valid here so in short: in most cases even money can't buy you a ticket!
The presales are only for the five day package and for those not so good seats, and the night by night tickets - if available - will be sold in the ticket box of Teatro Ariston. 

(Oh, what's that loud noise I hear? Ah, I think my dream to attend Sanremo festival once in a lifetime just crashed....)

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