Wednesday, December 21, 2016


TVM has announced tonight the 16 names that made it to Maltese final for Eurovision. Listen to the entries by clicking the title. As usual many familiar names from Claudia Faniello making a welcome return to Kevin Borg, Franklin Calleja, Klinsmann and Eurovision veteran Richard Edwards.
And OMG, a song in Maltese!!!

After the first listening - and that's what counts to the most viewers - sadly it's a rather boring and worst selection of songs for many years in Malta. However there are a couple that shine through. First of all Janice is a real star of the show, as her song title suggests. I wonder if this is written by Corazon Mizzi, it well could be (*just discovered it's not but Emil Calleja Bayliss and Marc Scicluna). The Travellers have made Maltese sexy again so let's see how she does. I'd be thrilled to have this one in Kyiv for sure! Richard Edwards and Claudia Faniello deliver songs that sound like real songs and not written Eurovision formula in mind and to be easy listening. Both classy and autenthic. And as I needed a fourth one for the main picture let it be Kevin Borg. He's never been one of this blogger's favorites but his song is a solid one. One of the very few I listened to the end. This last place could have been also Brooke, if only her song wasn't so calculated to fit the form and ... well, manufactured.

Maxine Pace - Bombshell
Claudia Faniello - Breathlessly
Shauna Vassallo - Crazy games
Miriana Conte - Don't look down
Rhiannon Micallef - Fearless
Cherton Caruana - Fighting to survive
Kevin Borg - Follow
Franklin Calleja - Follow me
Janice Mangion - Kewkba
Klinsmann Coleiro - Laserlight
Raquela Dalli Gonzi - Ray of light
Jade Vella - Seconds away
Crosswalk - So simple
Deborah C & Josef Tabone - Tonight
Brooke Borg - Unstoppable
Richard Edwards - You

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