Thursday, December 29, 2016


Last but not least, here are the nominees for the Female Artist of the Year. One real veteran, one recordbreaking looking for a trple, two who have gone solo from succesful duos and one that whose talent has blossomed in Vain elämää and will do amazing things in the future...
I guess it's predictable this goes to Vesala, as Sanni winning it again would be a bit boooring. Kaija Koo might surprise but most likely not. I'd give this to Suvi Teräsniska, she has proven to be not only loved by public but also being a Talent in Vain elämää. Amazing singer and voice. Go Suvi!

Erin (ex-Nylon Beat) returned to her successful solo career after three years of silence and two kids. Her solo debut back in 2011 sold triple platinum and had several hits, the second one sold platinum and gave her more hits and this one released last month has already Sydäntä särkee and Kohta hänen. Maija Vilkkumaa has been involved in writing this album.
Kaija Koo's success continues with songs written by Maija Vilkkumaa, Erin, Paula Vesala, VilleGalle and Ellinoora among others. She's been around for 30 years and more popular than ever. Siniset tikkaat was #1 in radioplay and #2 in download, Nää yöt ei anna armoo #1 in download and #6 in the official singles chart.
Sanni won this award in 2014 and 2015, maybe she'll do triple? Three platinum albums in three years. Three top-2 hits this year: Että mitähän vittua (she made a new streaming record in a day in Finland with this, over 300.000 in the day of release), Vahinko and Oo se kun oot, and the latest Ku Kanye Kanyee. She also took part in Vain elämää that made her known in all age groups and showcased she's much more than just a pop artist with a blue hair and provocative lyrics. 
Suvi Teräsniska did Vain elämää and conquered new audiences of those who thought she's just a schlager singer, got married, had two babies and returned with a new updated sound and more personal  #1 album. No need for videos or singles, she still sells albums....
Vesala aka Paula Vesala, ex-PMMP, ex-wife of The Rasmus' Lauri has been studying in the US, written countless songs to other artists after PMMP (one of the most succesful bands in Finland ever) was over, acted succesfully in the movies, did Vain elämää.... and finally released her solo album this year with hits Tequila (#4, radio #1), Tytöt ei soita kitaraa (radio #7), En tunne sua (from Elastinen Feat.), Älä droppaa mun tunnelmaa (#5, radio #2) and Ei pysty hengittää

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