Thursday, December 15, 2016


Estonia has had the most exciting and indipendent selections the past few years but this year it seems it has taken a step back going to the UMK direction (that is isnoired by Eesti laul anyways) and throws in some Melodfestivalen. Rather middle of the road entries (still way better than the most songs in MF anyways) and no real smash hit with the first hearing but I'm sure they can make ost of them work wonders on stage. The most alternative ones seems to be Kerli, Close to Infinity and Alvistar but they are smooth pop compared to Winny Puhh.... This blogger was left rather unmoved and a bit disappointed with the offering at first listening as the names promised so much. However, I did like Laura & Koit, Adriane and Almost Natural and many other songs are nice, just not strong enough I think. All the time I was expecting something wonderfully weird and crazy to come up and it didn't materialize but some Kuunkuiskaajat wannabes and something Toyah could have done in the late 70's....


1. Lenna Kuurmaa - "Slingshot"
2. Elina Born - "In or Out"
3. Carl-Philip - "Everything But You"
4. Ivo Linna - "Suur loterii"
5. Ariadne - "Feel Me Now"
6. Uku Suviste - "Supernatural"
7. Laura Prits - "Hey Kiddo"
8. Karl-Kristjan & Whogaux feat. Maian - "Have You Now"
9. Janno Reim & Kosmos - "Valan pisaraid"
10. Leemet Onno - "Hurricane"


1. Liis Lemsalu - "Keep Running
2. Koit Toome ja Laura - "Verona"
3. Rasmus Rändvee - "This Love"
4. Kerli - "Spirit Animal"
5. Daniel Levi - "All I Need"
6. Alvistar Funk Association - "Make Love, Not War
7. Close To Infinity featuring Ian Karell - "Sounds Like Home"
8. Almost Natural - "Electric"
9. Antsud - "Vihm"
10. Angeelia - "We Ride With Our Flow"

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