Thursday, December 15, 2016


Internet vote has cut the Objetivo Eurovision acts to ten. Now these then will face a jury that will cut them to three only. On January 12 in an online show those three will become only one. The lucky one will join the internally chosen acts in the final in February. Long and confusing process indeed. 
But here are the ten ones remaining:

Nieves Hidalgo - Esclava
Nito - Luna
Nicky Triphook - Daddy's little girl
Romy Low - In love
Pedro Elipe - Del dolor
Fruela - Live it up
LeKlein - Outch!
Javián - No somos héroes
Brequette - No enemy
Rebeca Moss - Volveré por ti

When you let fans decided there's quite a few nonsense pop but I must say I expected worse. The presense of Nieves Hidalgo, Nito and most of all Pedro Elipe is a good sign, even if most everyone with Spanish sound is gone. Sadly. The internet vote usually always end up with who has the most fans and biggest hype, is the cutest guy or sluttiest girl over someone who's really good so let's see who the final three from here are....

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