Friday, December 30, 2016


This curious post was released yesterday by Tony Maiello:
"I have been proposed to represent San Marino in the Eurovision, all is needed to have 500.000 euros for "promotion". 
Just to be sure I have asked if they wanted it in cash or if a card will do."

That's a free translation of that curious post. Apparently he wasn't impressed and one can only wonder why he comes out with such a thing now....  
Aaah, his new album, first in six years, is coming out shortly. Any pubblicity is good. Even Eurovision. So this blogger does his part....Things have really changed in Italy if even the Eurovision card is playable these days  :-) (And yes, hours later the comment came from SMRTV "We've never heard of Tony Maiello")
Who is Tony? He did X Factor finishing 4th and then Sanremo where he won Newcomers in 2010. And that's just about the last we have heard of him as a singer really. He's been writing songs to others including Laura Pausini, Francesco Renga and Lorenzo Fragola but his solo career really hasn't taken off. 
Last year he was badmouthing Sanremo saying it's all business and one has to pay to get there, and they don't want him and one could have the most beautiful song in the world and wouldn't get in if he didn't have a sponsor and money etc. Maybe true. but that's how it works. Everyone knows it.
Sour anyone? After all the free publicity he shouldn't be. 

Il Fatto Quitidiano has made a story about it with what seems the messages between Tony and the mysterious contact, have a look after the jump....

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