Monday, December 26, 2016


The Emma Gaala (aka Finnish Grammys) nominations are out. The People's choice and the best video are voted by the people, the other awards handed out by a jury. The gala will take place February 4, 2017 in Metro Arena in Espoo, the week after UMK2017... same stage. 

This year's nomination queen is Vesala or Paula Vesala, ex-PMMP. She scored seven nominations: album, song, female artist, pop artist, producer, people's choice and video.
Lauri Tähkä is the king with five: album, song, schlager album, male artist and people's choice. Below are the ones with the most nominations:
Alma (song, pop artist, newcomer, people's choice, video), Sanni (album, song, female artist, pop artist, video)  and Evelina (pop artist, newcomer, people's choice)
Nikke Ankara (hip hop, male artist, people's choice, video), JVG (song, hip hop, group, people's choice) and  Mikael Gabriel (hip hop, male artist, people's choice)
Ellinoora (song, pop artist, newcomer, people's choice), Elastinen (hip hop, male artist, people's choice) and Suvi Teräsniska (schlager album, female artist, people's choice)

Teräsbetoni's Jarkko Ahola got a schlager album nomination, ex-Euroviisut act Thunderstone metal album nomination, You can check all the nominations here.

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