Thursday, December 08, 2016


Hungary has revealed their participants for the annual A Dal contest, aka their selection for the Eurovision song contest. The shows start on January 14 and as usual there will be three heats, then two semifinals and then the grand final. Countless familiar names from the previous A Dals taking part again. among them Eurovision veteran András Kállay Saunders who has declared he will try until he wins Eurovision. Do we complain? No. Olág Gergö is behind Roma Soul, another familiar name to watch out. And Gabi Toth as there, too, as Totova....

Benji – Karcok
Olivér Berkes & Zävodi – Háttarzaj
Calidora – Glory
Kata Csondor – Create
Kyra Fedor – Got To Be A Day
Anna Garai ft. Júlia Kása – Jártam
Dávid Henderson – White Shadows
Jetlag – Keresem a bajt - disq, replaced by:
Chase - Dust in the wind
Kállay-Saunders Band – 17
Georgina Kanizsa – Fall Like Rain
Leander Kills – Élet
Mrs Columbo – Frozen King
Gigi Radics – See It Trough (Végtelen Hajó)
Ádám Szabó – Together
Totova and Freddie Shuman feat Lotfi Begi – Hosszú idök
Zoltán Mujahid – On My Own
Enikö Muri – Jericho
Benjámin Pál – Father’s Eyes
Joci Pápai – Be kell csuknod a szemed
Peet Project – Kill Your Monster
Peter Kovary & The Royal Rebels – It’s A Riot
Roma Soul – Nyitva a ház 
Orsi Sapszon– Hunyd le a szemed
Viki Singh  – Rain
Soulwave – Kalandor
Spoon 21 – Deák
Szabyest – Szerelem kell Disq. relaced by
Rocktenors - Özt
The Couple – Vége van
The Wings – Mint a hurrikán
Andi Tóth– I’ve Got A Fire

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