Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Emma Gaala's Male artist of the Year nominees include some names from various reality music tv programmes, rappers and a surprise. I would give this one out to Mikael Gabriel as icing on the cake for his fabulous year and marvelous metamorposis.

Lauri Tähkä started his succesful year with a Elastinen duet (read more below) Lempo, Then he released an album that went straight to #1, scored a hit with Morsian (radioplay #1), followed it with hits from the Vain elämää reality tv-series, including Kipua (#2), a Mikael Gabriel cover, Minun Suomeni, Lauri, Elastinen, Mikael - all are here nominated.

Mikael Gabriel really broke through this year. He's been around but as "just another rapper" but his latest album did well featuring #2 single Helium. Then he became the nation's sweetheart against all odds in Vain elämää. His personality made us all fall in love with him a little, and adopt him as nation's own son. He scored the most hits from the series with two number ones (Lauri Tähkä's Pauhaava sydän and Hector's classic Lumi teki enkelin eteiseen. His Chisu cover Mun koti ei oo täällä went to #3 and Suvi Teräsniska's Tyhjässä huoneessa to #4. 
In 2017 he will go on his first tour as a headliner after many collaborations over the years with other better known bigger names.

Elastinen dominated the television and charts earlier this year with his reality Elastinen feat. where he met up with other artist, spent some time together and later they got together to write and perform a song together in a day. Most of them made appearance in the charts, and two even made it to #1 (Lempo with Lauri Tähkä and Täytyy jaksaa with comedian Sami Hedberg) and one #2 (Oota mua with Johanna Kurkela). As did the album. All that follows the success of his 2015 album. He's been everywhere as writer, producer, label boss, featured artist, judge.... always a big grin on his face making him one of the most positive personalities around.

Olavi Uusivirta is a wellknown name as singer, songwriter and actor. He released already his seventh album this year and has made a name as a great live artist. His fame and success has been steadily rising since the start and now finally he scored a #1 album. Tanssit vaikka et osaa did well in the radios and download chart, and other songs like Kultaa hiuksissa, Toinen and Päiväperho kept him on the radio waves for the rest of the year. Still, he's inclusion with the nominees is a bit of a surprise but a welcome one.

Nikka Ankara is one of the biggest stars in Finland if you only look at the Spotify streams: over 50 million streams and seven platinum singles in about two years! In that period he has already had time to announce withdrawel from the business, only to make a comeback stronger than ever some time after. Ettei nyt vaan sattuis mitään went to #1, Mona Lisa #2, Pisamat #5 and En tiiä sun nimee #4 in the official singles chart. Not really my cup pf tea but then, he's a bit like Mikael Gabriel - he's been as fetured artist everywhere with the big names and I wouldn't be surprised if he follows Cheek, Elastinen, VilleGalle and Mikael Gabriel to Vain elämää cast next time that will make him a household name and lift his career to a new dimension. 

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