Monday, December 05, 2016


Saara Aalto is breaking records in X Factor UK and in less than a week we know if she's an eternal runner up or will she take the trophy against all odds from Matt Terry and 5 after midnight and finally actually win something. 
Today she was in Helsinki for her Homecoming shoot and it was something else; Finns don't get crazy often but when they do it's all out. The airport was packed and a certain hysteria was in the air. This evening she was at Helsinki's Senate's Square and thousends and thousends of people filled the whoLe square and chanted "Saara! Saara!" so that it was propbaly heard in the suburbs, too. DEspite the fact it was all delayed an hour, it was fReezingly cold and windy.
But then she came and sung Let it go, Chandelier, No fear and Winner takes it all and talked. A lot. About believeing in your dreams no matter what. She was put down for 20 years but she never gave up on her dream and... look at her now!
The X Factor UK, that was broadcasted in Finland with the usual obligatory two weeks delay has gone updated last weekend when the broadcaster managed to strike a deal. The missing episodes were hurried out and last weekend's shows went live in Finland and the same will happen next weekend for the final. And guess what? It scored some 560.000 average viewers and peaked even at 850.000! Figures that only the most popular shows like Eurovision (in a good year!) and ice hockey world championships when Finland plays get.... It's Saara hype alright!
Check out her performance videos below filmed by yours truly with frozen fingers..... brrr....

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Anonymous said...

Kiitos kuvista ja videoista! Meidän oranssitakkinen tyttö rokkaa No fear -pätkällä 2:25 eteenpäin :-)


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