Thursday, December 01, 2016


RTVE has made public the 30 songs and artists that made throught the selection - out of 392 submittted songs -  to be voted online and fighting for the place in the televized national final later. Before than the ten most voted ones will face a jury that picks up three of them for the next stage. The voting opens tomorrow and closes on December 12. They will be joined in the final line up by some invited artists.
Among the artists we have Nicky Triphook from X Factor UK, as is Fruela who also works in Italy. Damián Montes aka Padre Damián is known from La Voz just like Brequette who is also very known to all Eurovision fans for losing to Ruth Lorenzo and backing Barei this year. Also Nieves and Rebeca are from La Voz.  Jávian is known from Operación Triunfo and Javi Soleil is an Eurovision veteran from Helsinki 2007 as a member of D'Nash. Milena has been to Eurovision already twice as a backing singer, for ESDM and Barei. Íñigo is an actor and experiences musical star. E-Twins are Victor and David Espinosa, previously known as VD. Nito is dancer & choreographer and Gio gives us a bit of gospel vibe. Ektor already tried the Swiss selection this year.
Quite a lot of hot Latin rhythms and hints of flamenco in here so it seems RTVE might be o the right track.... The first hearing got me interested in Dani J, Jon Josdi, Fruela, Shannel, Javián and Javi Soleil. Listen and judge yourself :-)

Lem Baquero - Hard to love you
Nicky Triphook - Daddy's little girl
Dani J - Sin ti
LeKlein - Ouch!
Jon Josdi - Donde estabas tú
Fruela - Live it up
Pedro Elipe - Del dolor
Shannel - Bailando
Padre Damián - Thousand suns
Brequette Cassie - No enemy
Javián - No somos héroes
Javi Soleil - Alas mojadas
Stvrkid feat. Silence of the Wolves - Sparkling lights
Milena - Momento
Nieves Hidalgo - Esclava
Rebeca Moss - Volveré por ti
Íñigo - Hoy es por mí
Gio - Vuelve a mi
Detergente Liquido - 131 bpm
Ektor Pan - Perfect storm
Alicia Nurho Band - Under the light
Ander & Rossi - Ahora soy yo
Paradise Phantoms - Madrifornia
Iranzo Iranzinix - Bye te digo
Wildback - Noches de verano
Romy Low - In love
Ivet Vidal - Do you want me
Carmel - Waiting for a better end
E-Twins - Chica del vestido rojo
Nito - Luna

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